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PGM’s new Robotic TIG Welding Cell

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PGM has invested in its first Robotic TIG Welding Cell. The Robotic Welding Cell is equipped with a Motoman UP6 industrial welding robot, turn table and a TIG Maxstar 350 welder. This particular cell improves material handling, machine tending, assembly, and arc welding for maximum productivity and flexibility. The entire system including the turn table is compact and allows for free load and unload, while still providing a large horizontal reach of 1373 mm. The Motoman Welding Cell goes...

PGM Gains Preferred Supplier Certification

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 PGM and one of our fortune 500 customers have had a successful business relationship for many years. This particular customer is a multi-million dollar, global defense and aerospace company with locations around the world.  For the past decade, our customer has been working towards integrating their select suppliers to a Certified Supplier program that is granted to companies that meet strict regulations. These regulations are rigorously enforced and demand re-evaluation...

PGM passes AS9100 certification

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Congratulations to the PGM team! NQA.usa will recommend PGM for certification to the AS9100 standard based on 8 days of level I and Level II site audits conducted at PGMNE and PGM in Rochester. You did a great job during the audit. There were 0 major findings at PGMNE There were 0 major findings at PGM Rochester (This is a huge accomplishment for a first time AS9100 audit) There were 6 minor findings at PGM Rochester, we must address in the next 21 days to obtain...


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During the afternoon of September, 18th 2008, the nationally recognized carrier company, R&L Carriers visited PGM of Rochester, New York. PGM has been working with R&L Carriers for several years and is their number one service provider. R&L Carriers provides PGM with excellent service in trucking throughout the United States. On their visit, R&L Carriers brought with them two of their sponsored racecars, one of which is driven by successful NASCAR driver, Matt Kenseth. The...

PGM Awarded Add-On Army Contract

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Rochester NY­­– PGM Corporation, a Rochester-based precision machining and manufacturing contracting company, was awarded its added on order for the US Army government contract for additional 2 years worth $1,000,000. With options for renewal for another 3 years, the contract could total maximum revenue of up to 6 million dollars. The component PGM will be producing is critical in the function of the M16 rifle. PGM has also been manufacturing this part for other customers that supply...

PGM Corporation Awarded Lucrative Military Contract to manufacture Steel Bipods

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Rochester NY­­– PGM Corporation, a Rochester-based precision machining and manufacturing company, was awarded a military contract from its tier 1 customer for the manufacture of a steel bi-pod. The contract was worth 1.5 million dollars per year for 5 year contract.  With the contract now in place, PGM will start delivering product to September of 2008. To successful meet the requirements; PGM has added significant capital such as horizontal machining centers and a robotic...