Creep Feed Grinding

Creep feed grinding is a competitive operation for PGM while providing our customers with close tolerance grinding at machining costs. It truly is a cost saving operation when used correctly. PGM has been using creep feed grinding since the early 80’s to manufacture critical parts with uncompromising reliability and repeatability.

Specializing In
  • Parts and Components for production
  • R&D for Advanced materials
  • Magerles
  • Blohms
Grinding Specifications
Capabilties Creep Feed
Size (max) 14" x 63" x 17"
Speeds 106 HP spindle - 150 psi coolant
Materials all types
Tolerance +/- 0.0002
Other 4 axis
continuous dress
indexing table



Terminal Clips

PGM Creep Feed Grinder

Various Parts for High
Impact Printer
(Steel, Aluminum, & Brass)