PGM is a full service precision manufacturing corporation specializing in precision CNC machining, turning, grinding and assembly. Our volumes range from low to high with dedicated production lean cells for single piece flow to quick set up cells for families of parts or model shop programs. PGM has worked with every type of material from Stainless Steel to Titanium.

From concept to design, program management to sourcing, production to assembly, and six-sigma quality assurance, PGM has a proven track record for world-class service and reliability with their client’s and suppliers.

PGM is a strategic partner that will provide complete control of your program:

PGM provides the entire package from launching of new products, establishing production, improving quality, reducing overall costs, while adding value every step of the way. PGM is an AS9100:2016 and ISO9001:2015 certified corporation that has developed effective systems and procedures to reduce and eliminate potential issues that are encountered during a project start up. However, the true test of a strategic partner is by their react time to your needs.

“Each of our core competencies by itself is an asset to the company. But combined, they provide an array of manufacturing power and competitiveness that really sets us apart.”
~ Mike Hockenberger, CEO