Founded on High Precision and Impeccable Quality

At the age of 24, William Hockenberger used $8,000 in savings and along with his business partner started a tool and die business in the basement of his partner’s home. 

PGM’s customers were demanding more precision and higher quality products to compete globally. Bill recognized and capitalized on this growing need for first tier suppliers that could specialize in engineering driven programs for difficult-to-source parts or assemblies. 

PGM immediately achieved high recognition for tight tolerances, uncompromising quality and customer service. Customer confidence grew and PGM was able to win a large order from Xerox that started the transition from tool and die to a full-service manufacturing facility.

It wasn’t hard to combine PGM’s assets with the region’s rapid growth at the time and lay the foundation of what is still today, 50 years later, the vision of PGM.


Full Service Manufacturing

In 1988, with the recession coming on, PGM braces and fortifies the business by making sure its employees and production were safe. Formal Statistical Process Control (SPC) training, Core Values and Open Structure Style management was incorporated. An HR manager is brought onboard to make sure PGM’s top talent is fully supported and confident. 

With the management team in place, and the workforce secured, Hockenberger turns to focus on the bigger picture of supporting the manufacturing industry through leadership and support in community and regional associations and political activism. 

In 1992, PGM appoints a CEO to steer the ship and stay the course through the recession. And in the end, the investments of PGM and fortitude of its staff pays off with sales nearly doubling. Secession planning begins.




Customer & Technology Growth

With a solid foundation built on the previous 10 years, PGM began to experience rapid growth based on a reputation for quality and it was time to move and grow. 

With the move to the Emerson Street facility, PGM was able to expand their workforce and invest in the best talent to support the quality and customer service standards they were committed to upholding. 

With that in mind PGM engaged an advisory board of experienced businessmen and a management team to steer the company towards managed growth for continued success. 

New equipment such as high precision creep feed grinding and hot stamping magnesium was introduced to support and grow the client base. By 1985 PGM had not only set the course for future success but was experiencing sales in excess of 7M … which would ultimately save the company during the great recession of the 90’s.



The Next Generation

For over 31 years through growth and challenges, PGM experiences the payoff for their commitment to their mission, values and vision. The dividends come in the form of the best equipment and the top tier of talent in the region. Cutting and grinding through the years has honed PGM into a high-performance business from the ground floor to client’s worldwide. 

MRP is operating at the utmost capacity controlling every job with NASA level control and verification. PGM’s talent, now their greatest resource is prepared for anything that evolves in the industry. Software is updated to all of the most recent versions and Greenbelt training and Worksmart are implemented. 

In 2001, the secession plan is realized and Mike Hockenberger takes the reigns as CEO. A new facility is added in NH and ISO:9001 achieved. 
In keeping with their commitment to continuous improvement, PGM applies for, and receives, a grant for Lean Six Sigma. 


Growth & Performance

With the next generation in place, PGM upholds their commitment to customers, employees and shareholders to be a “World Class Supplier Partner”. Technology investment is at an all-time high, associates are well trained and PGM has proven it can handle any size project.  

With continued growth, smart planning and eyes to the future, PGM is a showcase for doing more with less. Capital investments are paying off with lights out manufacturing and streamlined production layouts supporting additional customer-focused factories that are popping up within the facility. 

In 2009 PGM provided two customers with design for manufacturability ideas and a reliable manufacturing process that was the catalyst for some of the world’s greatest advances in wireless broadband and guided missile technology. The results – the markets expanded so quickly that PGM added a 20,000 square foot addition to accommodate the new business. 

For PGM, its commitment to its vision, values, associates and customers was a proven formula in 1967 and continues to be the guiding light of success today. With the experience of 50 years, and the capability of the the top talent employed, PGM has proven it can and will “Solve its Customers Greatest Manufacturing Challenges”.