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PGM wins contract for the manufacturing of WIFI Antennas for military and commercial aircraft.

Rochester, NY - 

PGM was awarded its second contract for the manufacture of high speed WIFI antennas to be used on military and commercial aircraft. In 2014, PGM began the manufacturing and development of the new state of the art system. Its customer had designed a very complex system that required highly complex machining and assembly. PGM was chosen because of our abilities to meet very complex tolerances in a production setting.  “We wanted to make sure the first part made was exactly like the middle and last part made. This repeatability and reliability in the production setting is what separates us from our competition” Todd Hockenberger VP of PGM.   The benefits were huge for the consumer. The speeds are extremely fast and allow passengers to surf the net and stream video at very high rates of speed.  Older versions cannot stream and often lose conductivity.   Due to the success of the system, PGM and its customer expect this to grow over the next several years.  PGM expects this system will be around for 5 to 7 years. 

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