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PGM wins second production order for the Advanced Black Box Encryption Assembly.

PGM was awarded its second production contract for a Black Box Encryption Assembly. PGM’s expertise in project management continues show success by being awarded programs like this, year after year. We manage raw materials, internal operations, and outside services for every program we work on.   PGM will use several high tech pieces of equipment to ensure the manufacturing process is reliable and consistent.  Since 2004, PGM has invested annually in the best technology to support our growing business and provide upgrades and replacements for outdated equipment.   The Black Box is the newest system designed by our customer with PGM’s input on manufacturability. The collaboration between PGM and our customer has ensured the best possible design for performance was met at the most competitive price.   PGM has a 5-year purchase agreement with our customer that releases orders each year. This year’s release is worth over $1,000,000. We expect this contract to continue to grow as product use expands within the military.   PGM continues to manufacture extremely difficult assemblies and components for all of our customers.  “This is our focus and we are really good at it.” Todd Hockenberger, VP of PGM.  “We have the best people and equipment at PGM and with the addition of 20,000 Sq./ft. to our facility we will continue to grow our business.”
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