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PGM wins fourth contract for APKWS missile production

Rochester, NY 


PGM was awarded its fourth contract for APKWS missile production.  PGM began in 2010 manufacturing several highly precision components that are critical to the function of the missile.  This order of 2200 assemblies will last for 1.5 years and will continue to keep 4 to 5 machines and 3-5 people working.   Due to the success and low cost of the weapon system, PGM and its customer expect this to grow over the next several years.  PGM has added an additional 20,000 sq. /ft. to its building to accommodate future grow of this program and other customer programs.   PGM manufacture extremely difficult assemblies and components for all of its customers, requiring us to invest each and every year in our people and equipment.  PGM capital budget averages a million dollars per year in state of the art equipment.   PGM continues to manufacture extremely difficult components and assemblies for all of its customers. “This is our focus and we are really good at it” Todd Hockenberger, VP of PGM. “We have the best people and equipment at PGM. Now with our additional floor space we will continue to grow our business”.   In January 2015, PGM plans to open its new 20,000 square foot addition.

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