Supply Chain Management

PGM embraced the concept of supply chain management in order to offer our customers more value than just a manufacturing house. As a strategic partner in our customer’s product development, PGM can oversee the responsibility of supply chain management, leaving our customers more time to work on more important aspects of the project or attend to other daily responsibilities.

It all starts with a sophisticated PGM computer system (Vantage Epicor) that manages project planning, resource material purchasing and tracking, and real-time data and/or relevant information collection. The interface between the project managers and computer system allows PGM to choose the best vendors for the project based on past experience, price and delivery. We even monitor our strategic suppliers to help them improve and correct their systems and processes. Our supply chain management procedures are critical to our competitiveness.

Customer mandated suppliers

We are more than willing to work with customer-mandated suppliers. We only ask for one condition: that they perform at the level of expectations and guidelines we require from all of our vendors.