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A Sucessful Raytheon Project

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  On 2-15-09, Raytheon Presented PGM with an achievement award for our outstanding service to the completion of the Zumwalt program. This Zumwalt program involves the building of the DDG 1000 Zumwalt-Class Destroyer, which is America’s next generation, multi-mission surface combat destroyer ships. PGM started this partnership with Raytheon over a year ago, by receiving orders to manufacture 36 different complex components.   PGM was successful in proving these...

PGM purchases Mori Seiki 6 pallet machine

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PGM has added its seventh horizontal mill (four 2-pallets and three multi-pallets). This new state of the art multi pallet machine tool is the third to reach PGM’s floor. The new 6 pallet machine allows PGM to maximize spindle uptime while continuing to compete for short run repeat production components. The 6 pallet machine has a 14,000 RPM spindle, high pressure coolant (1000psi), 180 tool capacity, free load and unloading, and other options that give PGM maximum flexibility and process...

PGM Receives Training Grant and Help with Hiring

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Precision Grinding and Manufacturing Corp. has successfully attracted a major grant with the help of RochesterWorks! Now the manufacturer is tapping into other resources. "We have worked with RochesterWorks! to educate us on grants," says Michael Hockenberger, CEO and president of PGM, a worldwide leader in contract manufacturing of machined and fabricated components and assemblies. PGM recently received a Monroe County 25-L BUSINYS grant for $49,586 to train employees in Lean...

PGM Corporation Receives AS9100 Aerospace Quality Certification

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   November 17, 2008. Rochester, New York – PGM Corporation has announced that it has received the AS9100 Aerospace Quality certification established by the International Organization for Standardization (ISO). This accomplishment demonstrates PGM’s continuing commitment to quality and performance, and further enhances the company’s capabilities as a highly specialized aerospace industry supplier. The AS9100 standards were developed in order to meet the unique needs of ...

PGM’s new Robotic TIG Welding Cell

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PGM has invested in its first Robotic TIG Welding Cell. The Robotic Welding Cell is equipped with a Motoman UP6 industrial welding robot, turn table and a TIG Maxstar 350 welder. This particular cell improves material handling, machine tending, assembly, and arc welding for maximum productivity and flexibility. The entire system including the turn table is compact and allows for free load and unload, while still providing a large horizontal reach of 1373 mm. The Motoman Welding Cell goes...

PGM Gains Preferred Supplier Certification

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 PGM and one of our fortune 500 customers have had a successful business relationship for many years. This particular customer is a multi-million dollar, global defense and aerospace company with locations around the world.  For the past decade, our customer has been working towards integrating their select suppliers to a Certified Supplier program that is granted to companies that meet strict regulations. These regulations are rigorously enforced and demand re-evaluation...